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About Bohemian Luxury

Bohemian Luxury creates products for textured hair that promote beautiful healthy hair. 

The company was founded by Heather Lenore, a licensed hairstylist, wig maker, and product developer, with over 10 years of industry experience. 

Heather was determined to help her clients with textured hair achieve optimum growth, strength, and hair health. But after searching far and wide for organic, all-natural products, she started began mixing her own oils out of necessity. 

Our Ingredients


Bohemian Luxury uses only plant-based, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients that are ethically harvested from all over the world and procured through trusted local partners. Global sustainably sourced natural oils are the key to our product quality, and we pride ourselves on being committed to the economic growth of developing oil producers globally.

We have selected all of our oils based on performance, not trends.  Our unique, textured hair formulas are designed to help you achieve the beautiful hair you deserve! 

Shop our Luxury collections today:

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Mother nature is always revealing her gifts for ideal beauty.
We remain curious about the best, most effective, and innovative oil mixes for textured hair of all kinds.

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