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Committed to My Soul...

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Master Natural  Hair Stylist Heather Lenore

Heather Lenore aka The FROfREAK

I am Heather Lenore aka FROfREAK, a master stylist, natural hair specialist for over 15 years, the creator and developer of "Bo Luxe" organic hair, skin and face products for Black Men by Bohemian Luxury Moisture Care Product line.  I love your Fro, regardless of curl pattern, thickness or texture.  An Afro is more that just hair in my chair. I understand the challenges as well as the endless styling possibilities of natural hair.  I specialize in twisting, curling, palm rolling, pin curling, brow drying, rod setting, thermal straightening and FRO fREAKING the broad range of curl patterns that make up "naturally texted hair". 


I am also the creator and developer of "Boho Lux" the Bohemian Luxury Moisture Care Product line. Developed as an answer to my clients who asked, "What's wrong with my hair" and "Why aren't these products working for me?"  Clients needed education on how to love, heal, accept and FREAK their natural hair and they needed products tailored for the unique needs of textured hair. After years of servicing dry, brittle strands and the industry leading products missing the moisturizing mark, I developed Bohemian Luxury Moisture Care for Texture Hair


Boho Lux products are100% organic plant base to ensure best quality and potency to heal issues related to melanated skin and textured hair. After mastering natural textures for 15 years and using Boho Lux products on my clients to grow, soften, heal and style my client's hair for over 10 years. I am so excited to help each of you fall in LOVE with your natural hair, FUNK it up and welcome you to the FROFREAK movement. 

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